My Bloating Problem – Do I Need To Go Low-FODMAP?

My Bloating Problem – Do I Need To Go Low-FODMAP?

I think I may have finally figured out my bloating problem. Even when I was following the AIP diet strictly, I found that I still felt bloated. AIP helped me lose weight, eliminated my acid reflux, and otherwise made me feel good and healthy, but a lot of the time I still felt bloated and heavy around my stomach. The bloating would come and go. Some days I felt very bloated and other days I felt skinny. That’s the best way I can describe it. Some days I felt skinny and other days I felt like a fat blob. Even though I was losing weight.

I couldn’t figure out what was causing it. I was eating a strict AIP diet. For a while nothing seemed to make a difference. I thought it might have been the plantain chips, so I stopped eating those for a week. I still felt bloated. I thought it might have been the guacamole, so I stopped eating that for a week. No difference. Still bloated. I read about how bananas can help bloating, so I tried to eat more bananas. No real lasting difference (there’s only so many bananas I could eat). Sometimes, I knew the bloating was caused by mild constipation. On those days, I could feel that I was constipated and I knew as soon as I had a bowel movement, some of the bloating would go down. My nutritionist told me that constipation is either due to not enough fiber or not enough water. I was eating a lot of fiber on AIP, so I tried drinking more water. I think that helped with the constipation, but there were days that I still felt bloated and I wasn’t constipated.

All of this time, the rest of my diet was strictly AIP. I thought it might be the estrogen patch I applied twice a week. Maybe my estrogen level was too high. So, I asked my gyno to change me from the 0.1 mg patch to the 0.075 mg patch. She asked me if I had tried the low-FODMAP diet. I have read about FODMAPs and I know that I’m sensitive to garlic and raw onions. However, I was eating a lot of cooked onions, which I thought were okay. They are AIP compliant and I didn’t notice any immediate symptoms after I ate them. So, I started using the 0.075 mg patch and I stopped eating cooked onions at the same time. A few days later, my bloating went down! The problem is that I can’t really tell what did it, the lower estrogen or eliminating onions. I suspect it’s probably the onions, or maybe both.

I’ve been using the 0.075 mg patch for a month now and I’m afraid I’m starting to have hot flashes again. I’m also not sleeping well. I keep waking up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, like I used to do. I don’t think I’m having night sweats, but I do feel like I’m getting hotter and hotter, which worries me. I went into the office this week and wore a light sweater over my sleeveless dress and I felt hot and bothered. Of course, it is August, but I was inside. So, now I’m thinking I need to read up on the low-FODMAP diet and see what I need to eliminate to do that “properly” and see if that makes a permanent difference. Also, I’m feeling normal now, no bloating, so it could be a good time to test onions to see if they really are the culprit.

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