AIP for a Week: the Day After – and – My Favorite New Snack

AIP for a Week: the Day After – and – My Favorite New Snack

I weighed myself this morning and I was a little bit lower than yesterday, about 0.4 lbs down. It wasn’t easy to get strict with my diet again, but I’m so glad I did it. I think it helped me recover from vacation faster and get back on track. I also came to appreciate all the food I’ve successfully reintroduced.

I had coffee this morning, with coconut milk as “creamer.” It tasted okay, but I need to work on improving the flavor. Coffee will be my once- or twice-a-week treat.

I also had peanut butter and celery for a snack today and loved it. I had such a craving for peanut butter it was almost weird. Where did that come from? Was I craving the fat or the nutty flavor?

I remember the exact day I tried peanut butter and celery. It was Memorial day weekend this year at the American Revolution Museum at Yorktown, Virginia. We were visiting the museum with my in-laws and we got hungry and started looking for lunch in the mid-afternoon. The museum has a little cafe, which was the fastest, most convenient food. I looked over the menu for something gluten-free and they didn’t have much. I got a bowl of Brunswick stew (I think). I was still hungry afterwards. Earlier in the day, I had eaten the healthy snack I brought, and I was frustrated because I was going to spend the rest of the afternoon at the museum hungry. I took a second look at the refrigerator in the cafe. There were two items that were gluten-free: a fruit cup and a container of celery with a small container of peanut butter. I didn’t feel like fruit, so I chose the peanut butter and celery. My mother used to eat peanut butter on celery and I had heard of it before, but it never really appealed to me. I would eat the two ingredients separately, but I had never even tried to put them together.

The first time I dipped the celery into the peanut butter sparingly and I was surprised how good it tasted. The celery gives it crunch and the peanut butter gives it a nutty flavor and creaminess. The celery tones down the peanut butter a bit and helps prevent the peanut butter from sticking your mouth shut. I ate the whole container by myself, which was a generous size portion. I could feel the celery nourishing my body with vegetable goodness. Afterwards, my hunger had been satiated and I felt satisfied. We stayed at the museum until closing time and I easily stayed satisfied until dinnertime. What a great find!

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