AIP for a Week: Day 5

AIP for a Week: Day 5

sausage, 365 brand from Whole Foods
green tea with ginger

Mid-Afternoon Snack:
plantain chips
chunky avocado
leftovers from Built Custom Burgers
rooibos tea with ginger

slow-cooked pork butt, leftover (my last portion of this)
roasted broccoli, leftover (small amount)
spring greens, no dressing
blueberries, handful

Evening Snack:
grass-fed burger, plain
frozen orange juice

I was hungry in the evening since my two previous meals were small. I really wanted to eat some peanut butter or some nuts, but I decided to cook up one of my grass-fed burgers instead. I bought those pre-made into patties at Walmart.

For the spring greens, I’m in the habit of just grabbing a couple fistfuls and stuffing them in my mouth raw and plain, like a cow grazing in a field. I just can’t be bothered to make a dressing, although I’m sure a dressing would make them taste better. I’m definitely a lazy cook!

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