AIP for a Week: Day 4

AIP for a Week: Day 4

I weighed myself this morning and I’ve lost 1.4 lbs of my vacation weight. Yeah! I knew it was mostly bloat from all the dairy and the couple of times I ate gluten. 0.8 lbs more and I will be the same weight as when we left for vacation.

green tea with fresh ginger

plantain chips
chunky avocado
slow-cooked pork butt (yes, I am still eating these leftovers!)
roasted broccoli, leftover (added extra lemon juice to enhance the flavor)
celery, raw, handful
blueberries, handful
ginger-turmeric tea

Built Custom Burgers – burger in a bowl with lettuce, pickles, cucumbers, bacon, guacamole, mushrooms, pineapple, dried cranberries, and olive oil and vinegar (I ate the pineapple and dried cranberries on the side as a sort of dessert)

Evening Snack:
frozen orange juice

For the first 30 days that I did AIP, I didn’t eat out, as recommended by my nutritionist. However since this week is a getting-back-on-track week and not the initial 30-90 days elimination period, I went out to dinner with my husband at the Built Custom Burgers restaurant near our home. It’s difficult to get grass-fed beef at a restaurant, but I was able to pick and choose my toppings to be compliant with the AIP food list. I avoided the bun, the cheese, the tomatoes and sauces, the tater tots/fries, and the onions (because I suspect I’m sensitive to FODMAPS). I was still able to have a tasty, filling meal, and my husband was happy that I could go out to eat.

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