AIP for a Week: Day 3

AIP for a Week: Day 3

I’m getting back to eating 3 meals a day instead of the 5-6 smaller meals I ate the past two days. From what I’ve read, fewer meals a day is healthier because it gives your body a break from digestion so it is more able to heal.

green tea with fresh ginger

leftover salmon
spring greens (no dressing)
plantain chips
chunky avocado
ginger-turmeric tea

slow-cooked pork butt, leftover
roasted broccoli, leftover
grapes, handful

Evening Snack:
frozen orange juice

I feel like I’m getting back on track now. My hunger is subsiding and my cravings have reduced. I weighed myself this morning and I’m only 0.2 lbs down from when I got back from vacation, which is still 1.8 lbs heavier than when I left for vacation.

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