Super Easy AIP Roasted Broccoli

Super Easy AIP Roasted Broccoli

The secret to eating more vegetables is to roast them! Roasting can make a huge difference in flavor and texture. It can make some vegetables, like broccoli, much tastier and easier to eat.

AIP limits the spices you can use. Black pepper, chili, paprika, and other fruit- and berry-based spices are out during the elimination phase. (Angie and Micky of Autoimmune Wellness have a great guide on their website where they summarize AIP all on one page: What is AIP? The Definite Guide). So, I have become a big fan of sea salt, basil, and oregano. Tasty and easy – that’s what I like! There are a lot of spices that are allowed on AIP and many of those could also be used for roasting vegetables, but I’m familiar with basil and oregano, so I just grab those.

I’m sensitive to garlic so I stopped eating it and don’t add it to any recipes. However, adding garlic could boost the flavor if you can tolerate it and garlic is AIP-friendly.

Broccoli, fresh, 12-16 oz (I found organic broccoli in the veggie section of Walmart)
Coconut oil spray
Sea salt

Wash broccoli and trim off excess stems. Chop into bite-size pieces if needed. Spray pan or baking dish with coconut oil. Put broccoli in dish. Spray with coconut oil so spices will stick. Sprinkle generously with basil and oregano. Sprinkle with salt. Bake at 350°F for 12-15 minutes. I baked mine for 12 minutes and it turned out crisp-tender, but if you like it softer, bake it longer. I probably should have baked it for a few more minutes. This “recipe” is very flexible. You can easily bake it at a higher temperature at the same time as other dishes. Just adjust the time and keep an eye on it.

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